Özdemir Boru has been producing steel pipes and profiles since 1980. It accomplishes mission goals with its investment and technology.

Priority Customer Satisfaction and Quality,

Our understanding of quality is to understand our customers' present and future needs, to meet and exceed their demands.

The quality policy of ÖZDEMİR PIPE is based on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, starting with SUPPLYING RAW MATERIALS and covering CUSTOMER DELIVERY and AFTER.

As a leading company in Turkey, we are proud of our highly experienced and educated employees.


  • To implement the philosophy of TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT,
  • To adapt the MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to the developing technology,
  • CAPACITIES Increase with high value added products,
  • By making our relations with our CUSTOMER and PAYDAŞLIMIZIMIZE most efficient,
    KAZAN-KAZAN to make the philosophy permanent,
  • Our industry is one of the leading organizations.


Our strategic planning and practices are transformed into a mission that will last for a lifetime with our mission documents and values;


  • To use our human resources rationally, efficiently and effectively,
  • To translate the principles of occupational health and safety into a quality lifestyle,
  • Being sensitive to the environment,
  • To use our resources very efficiently,
  • To provide the best quality products at minimum cost and suitable for the purposes of our takeholders,
  • Contributing to our national economy and creating employment.


ÖZDEMİR PIPE was established at the beginning of 1980's and has an important experience in steel pipe and profile production since more than 35 years.

It can produce square and rectangular profiles with pipe diameters from 6mm to 355.6 mm and dimensions from 10x10 to 300x300 / 200x400. It manufactures hot and cold rolled materials in a wide range of pipe / profile products with a meat thickness of 0.50 mm to a thickness of 12.50 mm.

Our products have a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round pipe, square and rectangular profile, specially shaped (oval, ellipse, D) profiles, open (U and Omega) profiles.


ÖZDEMİR PIPE supplies its products to domestic markets as well as European countries (England, Germany, Ireland Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Italy etc.) America, Middle East (Iraq, Dubai etc.) and Africa (Angola, Senegal etc.) .) Exports to the elite markets of the countries. It also has the advantage of using Kdz.Eregid ports in import and export.


ÖZDEMİR PIPE has an annual production capacity of 345.000 tons.

The first factory where the production started is Kdz.Eregli, located in Bölücek Village, 20.000m2 closed, 46.000m2 open and a total area of ??66.000m2. It has an annual production capacity of 225.000 tons / year and can produce up to a meat thickness of 6.00mm.

The second factory, which started production in 2008, is located in Kdz.Ereged Organized Industrial Zone with 75.000m2 inland area and 16500m2 indoor area. It has an annual production capacity of 120.000 tons and can produce up to 12,50mm meat thickness.